I’m crafty and I know it!

I love looking for pretty things and I love buying pretty things. However, I don’t like to buy pretty things if they’re a bit on the pricey side. That’s when the creative (or frugal, whatever you want to call it) part of me kicks in and I push my imagination to see what it can do to make my pretty dreams a reality.

This is what happened when I went to visit a dear friend (nicknamed Anne-imal). She saw this gorgeous bracelet at Club Monaco:

Club Monaco Baby Bonnie bracelet

but at $35.50 it pushed the wallet’s limits. I wanted to test my bracelet-making skills (it’s been so long since I’ve made a decent piece of jewellery!) so off to Camden Market we went in search of finding all the materials needed to make this bracelet.

After 2 hrs of material-hunting we trekked back home, pulled out our new purchases (leather string, fish wire, beads, pearls, and my beautiful anchor) and went to work…for the next 3 hrs. After searching unsuccessfully on YouTube for DIY videos we just did a whole lot of trial and errors and eventually the bracelet started to shape up. It seemed like a never-ending process and we only stopped 10 minutes to scarf down dinner quickly but here’s what I ended up with:

My Baby Bonnie bracelet

Isn’t it pretty!? The more I wear it the more in love I fall with it and my favourite aspect is that I could tailor it to whatever I wanted. The anchor I chose to end off the bracelet is sterling silver and I love the combination of the dark brown leather with the bronze beads and pale pink pearls.

Onto the next project- any ideas? Suggest some pretty things and I’ll see if I can make them. Challenge…accepted!

#28 Take two things that do not fit together, and put them together. — Klaus Pichler

I really liked this challenge and wish I could’ve done more with it. It’s a great way to photograph something really creative and controversial. Seeing as I’m not the controversial type I decided to play it a bit safe…

My ideal picture would’ve been a really beautifully shot black and white photograph of a ballerina posing where you could only see a side profile…and then another picture, taken from a different angle of her eating a hamburger.

But instead I decided to buy some beautiful daffodils and corrupt them…

#27 Use a Random Point Generator to pick the exact location where you make a photograph. — Alec Soth

This week’s 52 by 52 challenge was to use a Random Point Generator to determine where to take our photograph. Since I didn’t want to walk very far I had my random generator set to a destination within one mile of my flat. Maybe I shouldn’t have let my laziness take reign since I ended up being led to a destination in the middle of nowhere. ..

The coordinates of my random location was:

Latitude: 51°22′50″N   51.38053769

Longitude: 2°20′24″W   -2.33990834

Distance: 0.9137 mi  Bearing: 116.825°

I was a little skeptical when I saw on Google Maps that I was basically being led to a field…or abandoned warehouse…but out the flat I went with my camera. The weather today’s had somewhat of a split personality and within a one hour time span I witnessed beaming sun with bright blue skies to ominous grey clouds that were ready to dump a tidal wave of water over Bath to HAIL. The weather here definitely makes for some interesting picture-taking sessions but as someone who generally likes to stay dry when it’s cold out I just prayed to the weather gods to hold out until I was safely back within the walls of my flat.

I like the picture below because you can see the grey clouds starting to mask the beautiful sky but there’s a spot on the tree that shows evidence of the sun refusing to be overtaken.

You’re only supposed to submit one photo for the challenge but I also walked past this warehouse and decided to snap some shots because I liked the abandoned feeling the crates have given off.

And last but not least, I just like the framing of this one. I took this one as I walked back home and passed by an antiques store.

Until next week! Oh, the weather gods decided to spare me today 😉

#25 Photograph something you’ve been looking at or walking past for a long time, but which you’ve never photographed before. — Palani Mohan

I just discovered a really cool photography group called 52×52 that was started by a Bath local. The photo challenge is set by 52 accomplished photographers who set out new challenges each week. I just recently discovered this group so I have a lot of catching up to do!

For challenge #25 I decided to submit the following photo:

Challenge #25

I walk past this cemetery every time I go for my Italian class. Since my class is in the evenings the cemetery’s generally extra eerie and spooky and causes me to quicken the pace a little. I won’t lie…I think I also hold my breath as well…I have no idea how old the cemetery is but finding one in such a condition would be pretty rare back at home.

When I took the photo today I got a completely different vibe. The beautiful and sunny Sunday altered my previous conception of the cemetery and peace and tranquility replaced fear and panic! However, as you can probably tell, I’m still not brave enough to venture into the graveyard 😛

*note: I don’t know what the difference between a graveyard and cemetery is…feel free to enlighten me!