About me

My name’s Hazel. The two things I’m best known for are:

1) My hollow stomach “Hazel, I swear you have a tapeworm or something” and

2) My love for travel “Where are you now? I can never keep track of where you are…”

I’m a true Canadian who’s been uprooted from the familiar grounds of maple syrup, poutine, elk, and Mounties and has settled down in England to experience the charming ways of European living.

I have what you could call an adventurous streak in me and since I left home more than two years ago to gallivant on European territory I’ve racked up my fair share of stories. Some of them I don’t remember because I choose not to…some of them I don’t remember because I experienced fragmentary blackouts…and some because PERHAPS I don’t have the greatest memory.

This brings me to the purpose of this blog- to capture and record all my (mis)adventures for my entertainment and yours.



“You can do things the right way….or the Hazel way” –Michael Kwan

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