I’m crafty and I know it!

I love looking for pretty things and I love buying pretty things. However, I don’t like to buy pretty things if they’re a bit on the pricey side. That’s when the creative (or frugal, whatever you want to call it) part of me kicks in and I push my imagination to see what it can do to make my pretty dreams a reality.

This is what happened when I went to visit a dear friend (nicknamed Anne-imal). She saw this gorgeous bracelet at Club Monaco:

Club Monaco Baby Bonnie bracelet

but at $35.50 it pushed the wallet’s limits. I wanted to test my bracelet-making skills (it’s been so long since I’ve made a decent piece of jewellery!) so off to Camden Market we went in search of finding all the materials needed to make this bracelet.

After 2 hrs of material-hunting we trekked back home, pulled out our new purchases (leather string, fish wire, beads, pearls, and my beautiful anchor) and went to work…for the next 3 hrs. After searching unsuccessfully on YouTube for DIY videos we just did a whole lot of trial and errors and eventually the bracelet started to shape up. It seemed like a never-ending process and we only stopped 10 minutes to scarf down dinner quickly but here’s what I ended up with:

My Baby Bonnie bracelet

Isn’t it pretty!? The more I wear it the more in love I fall with it and my favourite aspect is that I could tailor it to whatever I wanted. The anchor I chose to end off the bracelet is sterling silver and I love the combination of the dark brown leather with the bronze beads and pale pink pearls.

Onto the next project- any ideas? Suggest some pretty things and I’ll see if I can make them. Challenge…accepted!

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