Fall lovin’

When it comes to pizza quattro stagione is usually my go-to but in a non food-related sense the only stagione I need is autunno- autumn! In my ideal world it would be autumn every single day of the year. Perpetual Indian summer – crisp weather, sunny skies, vibrantly coloured leaves of saturated reds, copper orange and golden yellows, hearty soups, and pumpkin EVERYTHING – what more could you ask for?

Beautiful scenery on the I-90 en route to BostonBeautiful scenery on the I-90 en route to Boston
The first sign of fall in TorontoThe first sign of fall in Toronto

I’ve always had a certain fondness of fall, not just because of its associated beauty, but also because of all its related events. Back in my more youthful days (as I am now a haggard old cat lady, minus the cat) I always had so much to look forward to in the fall. While other people mourned the end of the summer I embraced what was around the corner: Birthdays galore, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, Halloween. I haven’t kept secret how much my friends and family mean to me so I think that fall holds a special place in my heart because I’ve always associated it with a time of reconnection. No matter where my friends and I are we can always count on October bringing us all back together for one event or another. And I mean, when these reunions are accompanied with things like pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and wursts you can see why I’d be on cloud 9, right? Now that I’m across the Atlantic and with friends having grown-up commitments (i.e. babies, babies, babies!) these reunions are a little more difficult to organize but it’s still nice to have the association, to reminisce, and to still be thankful of all that’s good in my life. I’ve noticed a spike in Skype calls and instant messaging lately, which goes to show that even if I can’t be somewhere in person I’ll try my damndest to ensure I connect somehow to continue on with tradition.

Oktoberfest 2007 funOktoberfest 2007 fun

Unfortunately, I currently live in a place that doesn’t fit my ideal October mould. I’m surrounded by nature, yet all I’m currently seeing is GREEN and BROWN! Trees here seem to go from a luscious spring green straight to brown…and skip all the magnificent and glorious colours in between!

Greenery everywhereGreenery everywhere – Oct 2014

I’ve been itching to whip out my camera to capture my highly anticipated fall pictures but I have yet to snap any pictures. It’s heartbreaking, really. And not only that, pumpkin treats don’t seem to be a thing here. *tear*. Thank goodness for Starbucks and its omnipresence because PSLs (that’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes for all you newbies) are the only thing that have been able to hit the sweet spot. I suppose the lack of fall treats is good for my wallet because anyone who knows me knows that as soon as you stick ‘pumpkin’ in front of something I’ll buy it. Pumpkin risotto…pumpkin soup…pumpkin pie…pumpkin beer…pumpkin ice cream. *drool a la Homer Simpson*.

Pumpkin e'rythang!Pumpkin e’rythang!
Giacomo's in North Boston - best pumpkin ravioli out there!Giacomo’s in North Boston – best pumpkin tortellini out there!

Anyway, for now, here are some throwbacks to more October-ish days!!!

Friends reunitedOctober babyfest = Friends reunited
Scary times HalloweeningScary times Halloweening
Roomie bday celebrations 2013Roomie bday celebrations 2013
Oktoberfest 2013 - chilling out with Hans and random dude.Oktoberfest 2013 – chilling out with Hans and random dude.
The shortie and I - Oktoberfest 2013The shortie and I – Oktoberfest 2013
Thanksgiving sister reunion!Thanksgiving sister reunion!
Thanksgiving dinner - with pumpkin beer, obviously!Thanksgiving dinner – with pumpkin beer, obviously!

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