Windsurfer’s paradise

The good: Windy days = good beach entertainment

Northern Sardinia was hit with strong mistral winds beginning Friday and ending Sunday, which lead to some great windsurfing days for M. Mistral wind comes from North/Northwest of France and can get STRONG. This weekend the wind reached upwards of 40 knots (74 km/h) but can even reach 90 km/h. This generally means a not-so-great-time for beach goers but you’ll find the sea packed with windsurfers.

Marina Maria packed with windsurfers

Such was the case when I braved the fierce wind to witness M in action. Since he’s been living in the UK for the past 5 years and hasn’t been training much the “action” has slowed down somewhat. Luckily I find wipeouts as entertaining as front loops, double flakas, and culo 540s.

M's friend training for nationals

The not so great aspects of the wind:

1. Beach sandstorms. The wind is so strong it whips the sand against you and it can get pretty damn painful, especially if it gets in your eyes! Most people either sought shelter in the beach hut or covered their head with a towel. I ended up bringing home half the beach home with me…It took me a good 20 minutes to get the majority of the sand out of my hair and I still found sand in my ears the next day.

2. Lots of wind=lots of windsurfing=damaged body parts…

Typical windsurfing hands...very sexy

3. …as well as damaged equipment

Torn sail

We’ve got a break for the next few days and won’t be getting another hit of the mistral wind until Friday. I’m looking forward to having Paulino, Marina Maria’s dog, keep me company as we tough out the wind together!


4 thoughts on “Windsurfer’s paradise

    • haha you’re a nurse!! That picture shouldn’t make your stomach turn!!!

      I wish those were M’s hands…if they were that would mean he’s a regular windsurfer…unfortunately his battle wounds consists of half a blister. Plus I think it’s pretty much healed now… :(

    • Paulino’s the best! Such a cool and ratty beach dog…

      I’ve windsurfed before but I ain’t a pro or nothin’…I might go out again on Thursday though. The wind’s supposed to pick up again on Friday so I may hit the waves before it gets too rough for my liking!

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