Two agriturismos in a row doesn’t do the body good

The good: Agriturismo continued

I went for another round of agriturismo because apparently one night just wasn’t enough! Monday’s experience was meant as a warm-up to Tuesday night’s dinner. I don’t think I warmed up enough because dinner absolutely obliterated me. We went to a wonderful agriturismo in inland Sardinia called Sa Crescia Ezza. We’ve experimented with many different places but to date nothing even compares to the quality of Sa Crescia Ezza.

So I did a pretty bad job of taking pictures the first night and decided to make up for my mistake…enjoy looking at all the amazing dishes that graced my palate. Sorry the pictures aren’t the greatest but I have various reasons for that:

1. I had to take the pictures as soon as I could before greedy hands could dig into the platters

2. Eating outdoors makes for dark lighting = not so great photos

3. I gotta take some blame too….I had to take the pictures as soon as possible also because I, too, wanted to devour everything in sight…

2 thoughts on “Two agriturismos in a row doesn’t do the body good

    • All the kids made a pact to leave every dish empty. We were so close to fulfilling out goal until the very end…when the second round of crackling pig came around. We all said yes to seconds which was the worst idea in the world :(

      That second round killed us all and we couldn’t finish it…greedy bunch of gluttons we were…

      Everything was so delicious but I think I could’ve eaten that ravioli for ever and ever and ever!!!!

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